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Autism Tutors will list your information in our Available Tutor Directory. Prospective parents needing a tutor will have access to you through your email. We suggest that you check your email regularly and reply promptly.

Your registration makes it possible for parents who have a child with autism to more easily locate a tutor. Our parents thank you!

You now have access to our parent directory that lists parents by state on our site. You now may contact parents at their listed email address.

Once you get to the Parent Directory, don’t be discouraged by the age of the entries that you see there. We have an 18 year old son with autism. He has been tutored in private, public and home school programs since he was 6 years old. I don't believe that our need for tutoring for him will be diminishing any time soon.

The same situation applies to many, if not all, families listed on our site. Just because you see an older listing for a family, don't be discouraged. You must understand that these families haven't suddenly eliminated the need for help for their child. If they are actively looking for a tutor right now, you can still be of help to them. If they don't need your help right now, they might within the next several months.

Our son's tutors have lasted on average about 7-12 months, with some lasting as long as 7 years. If our experience is typical, then there is a moderately high turnover of tutors for these families, and they will eventually be looking for additional tutors. The only problem you might encounter is if the email addresses for the families are no longer valid. If you let us know about any returned email you receive, we can update the listing accordingly.

I would suggest contacting families that are close to you. Let them know what you have to offer--what you bring to the table. If they don't need you now, they'll need you soon, don't worry!

If you want to make any changes to your listing after you have sent it, such as changed email, changed city/state address, or delete listing, please contact us at info@autismtutors.org. You can also email us if you feel you've made an error in entering your information.

If you can’t find any families near you, and you live near a state line, consider looking in the neighboring state for families that may be nearer to you than you think!

We strongly urge all tutors to receive background checks from their local police stations to reassure your prospective parents. We will be providing more information about background checks in the near future.

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Dr. Patricia Wilson

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