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The National Autism Community Network which sponsors Autismtutors.com was an idea conceived of by parents at the Milestones Autism Conference in Cleveland, Ohio in June of 2003. The parents attending the lectures were excited to hear of meaningful strategies that could help their children with behaviors, communication and socialization. We began asking each other, “Does your child have anyone helping in school or at home?” The dreaded dilemma of finding tutors dominated the conversation. One parent exclaimed, “There should be a centrally located place where parents and tutors could find one another!” Autismtutors.com became a twinkle in the eye at that moment, but was not to be developed until September of 2004.

Presently {NACN} is a non-profit organization that is sponsoring Autismtutors.com and has received 501(c) (3) status from the Internal Revenue Service. It is comprised of a group of people who envision the online directory and website providing a centralized place where parents can find tutors and more information to help support families with autism and the associated challenges. This group strongly feels that providing a means for parents and tutors to find one another is an extremely important public service and should be available to every parent in need. Therefore we are putting our energies into forming partnerships with interested individuals and organizations to cover the financial costs of operating this web site. We look to grants, fundraisers, gifts, and contributions to maintain and develop operations of the Autismtutors.com website. Your support is greatly appreciated. We invite anyone or those interested in furthering our cause to contact us at: info@autismtutors.com.

Thank You,

Dr. Patricia A. Wilson

Director of Development


  We invite anyone or those interested in furthering our cause to contact us at:


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