Suggestions for Interviewing a Tutor for Your Child

1. Meet at a mutually convenient place where you can talk comfortably; i.e., coffee shop or restaurant.

2. Discuss work experience—try to get a sense of how they felt about their student(s).

3. Request references, phone numbers, and name of parent/employer for most recent positions.

4. Discuss the challenges your child presents. Observe the tutor response—i.e. his/her comments, questions, suggestions, and even body posture. Ask questions that give you clues as to whether the tutor will be able to meet your expectations.

5. Ask for copy of resume—browse over while you chat (in case something jumps out at you that you may want to discuss.)

6. If you are interested tell them you will call to schedule a time to meet your child and any other significant person who knows or works with your child. At this meeting, try to get a sense of the tutor’s enthusiasm and interest for working with your child.

7. Remember to find out how long a tutor can commit to working with you and your child. Frequently tutors graduate, relocate, get married, or have babies.

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